You like this boy but don’t know if he loves or like you,  don’t worry we have come up with some tips to make him never look back.

Looks Good: Guys love good looking girls,  it start from you hair,  always do a new style almost every week,  make sure your hair is neat,  dress corporate or casual,  don’t just dress any how.  If you are doing this guy’s will surely be tripping at your door.
Don’t be a grinch: don’t be a witch,  men love to be around good loving girl,  lively girl,  not a girl that get angry at almost everything.
Have a life: Do you have a purpose in life?  Guys don’t like a woman that so much depends on them.
Don’t be a club to club girl that doesn’t know anything but club
Understandable : be an understanding person,  don’t get angry at all time,  don’t be those who don’t want to understand what your guy is passing through.