Abuja Hospital Where Buhari’s Son Was Treated Of Skull Injuries, Saves Life Of Boy Attacked By Dog

Doctors at Cedarcrest , in Apo District of , have successfully operated on a 13-month-old baby, Michael Duniya, who was viciously attacked by a pit bull at Mambilla Barracks, , on Tuesday, October 8.

Cedarcrest Hospitals was Yusuf, son of President Muhammadu , was first following his accident on a power bike in December 2017.

It was that the black dog, believed to be a pit bull, reportedly broke free from its cage and wandered off into the block where little Michael was playing with his four-year-old brother.

Upon seeing the dog, his older brother immediately fled into the house, but Michael was not quick enough as the dog pounced on him.

The dog subsequently grabbed Michael by the head and pulled him about 30 metres away and had bitten him repeatedly.

A neighbour, who wished to remain anonymous, said she quickly raised the alarm.

The dog had to be killed before the baby could be rescued from its deadly grip

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