June 8, 2023

Accolades Pour In For Good Spirited Ogudu DPO Celestina Nwankwo For Her Benevolence


Accolades have contnued to pour in for a female police officer who has shown exemplified conduct in the discharge of her duties.

Her good deeds was amplified by the post by Nigerian act Ruggedman,who posted this message

“On the 19th of September 2019 a young man named Ajabor Friday was shot by thieves and left for dead at Ogudu.

As usual hospitals refused to take him in until officer Celestina intervened and had to threaten fire and brimstone before the young man was taken into a hospital.

Ofcourse they said the usual “we can not treat him without payment”.

To cut the long story short, officer Celestina has spent over N400,000 (four hundred thousand naira) comprising her money and the ones she borrowed, to see young Friday through a major operation and he is now out of the ICU and stabilised.

I asked her why she did it and she said when he looked up at her while bleeding, held her hand and said “mama dont leave me, I do not want to die” she knew there was no way she would know peace if she did not try her best.

I celebrate you officer Celestina Nwankwo.God bless and replenish you.”

Other Nigerians who have reacted to the post when posted on CKN News Facebook Page  includes veteran actor and broadcaster ,Yemi Shodimu who has this to say

“I have met and interacted officially with Celestina Nwakwo and I can boldly say she is a pride to Nigeria Police. Her passion for the job is infectious and she has rekindled my hope and respect for the men and women in uniform.”

Another resident of Ogudu Maxumus Ugwuoke said this

“She is indeed an extra ordinary Police officer!!!

My friend was detained at Ogudu Police station early September BC of a disagreement with the Landlord over NEPA bills. When the information got to me, I rushed to the police station and luckily she was on duty and after hearing the story, she ordered the immediate release of my friend and warned the officers never to detain any suspect without her authorisation.

Guess what, I paid no kobo!!!

We never had it so good in Ogudu.

May God bless her”

Larry Happiday also has this to say about her

“This isn’t her first time. One of her officers was shot about two years ago. Tell you what? She went cap in hand begging for help. When I asked why? I was told that there was no insurance for police men and if she didn’t do that, the officer would be demotivated. Lackluster performance…”

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