Ajibulu Cautions Ekiti APC on Divisive Politics

Ajibulu Cautions Ekiti APC on Divisive Politics

As political activities in Ekiti State begin to gain audible volume, a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Chief Segun Ajibulu, has called for a level playing ground for members of the party in demonstrating their democratic rights as panacea for success in coming elections

Speaking from his base in the United States of America, Ajibulu said it is through a selfless service and unbiased coordination of affairs in Ekiti State, that the incumbent government of Dr Kayode Fayemi could midwife electoral success for the APC in coming electoral contests.

The former Commissioner in the Ekiti State Pension Commission and ally to the government, was reacting to lingering perceived inequalities and seemingly government side taking in party affairs in the state

Recently, attempts were made to suspend the APC Caretaker Chairman of Ado Ekiti Ward 8, Afolabi Clement, over trumped up allegation of identifying with the South West Agenda for 2023, (SWAGA) a political pressure group supporting the emergence of APC Leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu as presidential choice for the zone in the 2023 elections.

According to Ajibulu, “this is a time to be cautious for what the party needs at the moment is consolidation and not division that could cause terrible implosions that will work against the electoral success of our party in coming contests.

He condemned the recent political make outs of the incumbent government, which he said do not put the people first as should be expected in a quality democracy.

“It beats one hollow that we are yet to harness ourselves and settle on one page as a political family, almost three years into governance, after a rigorous collective struggle that earned us this victory. It is appalling that we can settle for tearing ourselves apart the more at the threshold of pending electoral contests where unity is most needed as only weapon that can deliver success.

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The attempt to remove Clement Afolabi as Caretaker Chairman in Ward 8, by those obviously acting a script there, is a silly step unexpected in a democracy. How can a support for a member of your party to become president of the nation be tagged an anti-party adventure? To some of us APC is Tinubu and Tinubu is APC, so what is anti-party even if their claim is true,” he queried.

“I have settled down to take stock of some unchecked activities going on in Ekiti State, and my suspicion is that some elements in our party may be up to some pranks. The ongoing land grabbing activities in some parts of Ikole Local Government by government of the state without due consultation with the people is anti-people and should be condemned.

“It is sad that a government that swore to an oath to protect the people could move into their forests and deprive them of their ancestral land, depleting their means of livelihood, the flora and fauna, with no consultation whatsoever. To me, this is a clampdown too massive on the people by a government they participated to put in place,” he said.

Ajibulu however called for caution and advised the Ekiti State government to take urgent precautionary steps to right all wrongs and reconcile all APC members in the state into unity for the electoral battles ahead.

“Time is not on our side. And this is why I will call on Dr Fayemi to take urgent steps to calm all bruised nerves. The party in Ekiti State is currently fragmented and the need for a quick fix is sacrosanct. This is certainly not the time for political witch-hunting but the time for fence-mending and reconciliation that will boost our chances in victory,” he stressed

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