Comment on Exposed: Ojudu Reveals Fayemi’s Relationship With Atiku To Weaken APC by Lukman Abiola

I don’t really understand the criteria for appointing someone as a Nigerian minister.
I had expected Fayemi to turn things around as a Minister for Mineral Resources. I had expected him to diversify Nigerian economy from being only an oil exporting country. But what did he do….abysmal failure.
Same man is now governing Ekiti State. I would have expected him to shut Fayose out completely with his superb performance. What did he do? He’s making the people of Ekiti felt they had made a great mistake not listening to Fayose.
Fayemi is a “radio station without address” manager. A radio of such kind should be set up for him, then you would see him perform wonders. He has nothing to do in government. My opinion please.



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