Wahala dey o…

Today I was having a stroll around the Bird App(Twitter), I stubbled on this👇

South African Rapper dissing  Nigerian Singer aka “Akpi” and energy king.

Hehehe I dey laugh. Nasty C are you sure you wanna do this? Speed Darlington of all people. You didn’t see other Artists to diss? I dey pity you.🤣

Akpi na danger o. Naked wire and no go area. He will drag you senselessly with reckless abandon.🤣

The South African rapper twitted

“Imagine having Speed in your name and not in your career.  Could never be me ☺️”.

Though Twitter people are still trying to understand if there had been a disagreement between them lately, because that tweet from Nasty C is likely to be a diss.

Anyways, I think God wants to use this medium to revive Speed Darlington’s dead career sha. So continue! I will be here sipping my zobo.😂

Naijaloadedites na dey follow me see wetin I dey see?

Speed Darlington VS Nasty C! 

Who Do You Think Will Win This War?

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