Would you like to date or marry a Cross Rivers State person? Like you have that in mind already? Well, I’m not gonna discourage you, not posting this for that purpose either.

BUT Before you date or even think of marrying a Cross Rivers State Man or Woman(Calabar to be precised), take note of this. Those guys can lie and cheat for Africa! In fact they once won trophy on that.

Now you begin to realize why Ubi Franklin is a father of all nation. Dude has impregnated almost 20 different women so far. 2Face dey learn work.

Okay let me briefly talk about their women before the men. Calabar girls are beautiful no doubt. Naturally light skin in complexion but also Award Winners on Skin Bleaching.

A Calabar girl can accommodate her village boyfriend in her husband’s house and tell the husband that the boy is her cousin brother from the village.🙆They will be fvcking themselves in your own house under your nose. The men does this to! They can invite their village girlfriend and lie to the wife that she’s his cousin sister from the village. Una welldone oo.

If you need beautiful kids marry a Cross Rivers State Man or woman.

This wide belief that Calabar women are the best in bed is not true. Just that most of them are heavily endowed from behind. Dia ukwu dey heavy o jizzz🙆

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Tho some of them are expert in Knackiology both the men and women. A Calabar man can knack you back to back 10hrs nonstop. They’re naturally gifted with strength and huge d!ck. The women with big ass.

Cross Rivers State men are fucking stingy and greedy when it comes to their fellow men but generous on women. A Calabar man to be precise can empty his pocket on top Woman but will never help a fellow man. SOME Rivers State men does that too.

Uhm what again?🤔
Yeah Cross Rivers State men love sleeping with married women. Most of these Sugar Boys in South South are Cross Rivers State and Ikwa Ibom State men. So before you date or marry from there, be ready to share your man with an elderly woman.🤐

And Dem sabi beat their girlfriends and wives.(NOT ALL) same with Rivers State men especially those from the Riverine areas but still (NOT ALL).

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