14 July 2024

Chrissy Teigen gets back tattoo in tribute to husband


Chrissy Teigen got a racy back inking tribute to her husband John Legend.

The American model, 35, had her singer husband’s latest song title Ooh La tattooed down her back in an elegant typography.

Ooooh laaa was scribed into her back downwards towards her slender waist.

In a s3xy video, the mother-of-two unveiled her latest inking with pride as she was joined by her husband to get the tattoo by Winter Stone.

Chrissy posed without her top on to show off her back tattoo in its full glory.

John made a racy remark as he revealed he had first played the song to his wife Chrissy in the bedroom.

He told his wife: “We had to test run it make sure it worked…. It worked. We put in on repeat the first time. it was a good conversation starter.”

Chrissy has been a muse and an inspiration for many of John’s powerful songs about love including All of Me.

The lyrics of his latest song include: “It’s ooh-laa / That’s the only music that I wanna hear / Is, “‘Ooh-laa’ / Get a little louder, scream it in my ear, yeah / Spin it ’round, let it bounce some / Up and down, think we found something / Smack it, flip it, rub it down / To the sound of, ‘Ooh-laa’ / ‘Ooh-laa, ooh-laa.'”

 Naturally the model was delighted to share the intimate tattoo with her legion of fans on Instagram.

She wrote: “Oooooh la shoowap shoowap.”

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