As a result of the extension of the lockdown across the country which has increased the hardship of the citizens and made entertainment activities impossible all over the nation, the Board of Nigeria’s biggest and most respected copyright collective management organization, , has approved an sum of =N=22.5 as Anti- Emergency Relief Distribution to its members. This is in addition to the =N=50 originally approved.

Speaking on the development, COSON Chairman, Chief Tony Okoroji said, “starting immediately, with the co-operation of the banks, each of about 4,500 qualified members of COSON will receive an alert for an additional sum of Five Thousand Naira added to the initial sum of eleven thousand naira in the Anti-Coronavirus Emergency Relief (ACER) General Distribution. Those who for any reason have not received the initial Eleven Thousand Naira will receive a straight-forward Sixteen Thousand Naira. If this helps some of our members to buy some garri or some rice, we will be happy. We truly wish we could do more and we would have been able to do more if not for the constant irrational harassment and the many obstacles placed on our way by a government agency which has completely misunderstood its mandate. Is it not terrible that in these hard times, no one apart from COSON appears to be doing anything for the artiste?

“I am in touch with many members of COSON who are in need of continued assistance. Other members of our Board are receiving similar messages. It is our sacred duty to provide for our members and we will not shake that duty. COSON must continue to be responsible and responsive to the needs of those we serve and there should be no excuse not to help them wade through these very difficult times.

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“I am once again proud of the quick response of members of the COSON Board who have shown great understanding that we must continue to be our brothers’ keeper. I am also proud of the COSON management team of Vincent Adawaisi, Isa Aruna, Anthony Imuse and Tolu Balogun who have ensured that every instruction of the Board is executed with dispatch”.

Said Chief Okoroji, “From the beginning, we took a decision that COSON would be a world class organization, transparent, accountable, credible and totally focused on the well-being of its members. Once you walk into the magnificent COSON House in Ikeja, you cannot but feel an organization run on the cutting edge of management and technology. The well laid out sparkling clean environment and the quality of the staff will immediately tell you that this is not your typical Nigerian organization. That is why some cannot stop themselves from throwing stones at us.

“I know that we cannot please everyone but we are working very hard every day to lift up the of Nigeria, promote and defend our industry and provide visible solutions to the challenges of our members. I very well know that much of the attack on COSON is a product of envy. We have consistently done that which many thought was impossible in Nigeria. We have absolutely no interest in the cantankerous name calling and rabid character assassination which many appear to dwell in. We are not interested because none of the squabbling will provide one cup of rice for the Nigerian musician or one cube of sugar for his tea”.

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Concluded Chief Okoroji, “I know that questions will be asked whether COSON can afford this additional palliative in the light of the present circumstances. My answer is that with prudent management, we can. It is fraud and stealing that make things impossible in Nigeria. In keeping with our tradition, no hanky-panky or shady dealing will be tolerated in the disbursements. I will continue to provide consistent updates. At the end of the exercise, the minutest details of the disbursements will be brought before the Board and the General Assembly for thorough examination and ratification”.


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