June 6, 2023

Easter Sunday: Kaduna Christians pray for Nigerian leaders

Easter Sunday: Kaduna Christians pray for Nigerian leaders

Various churches across Kaduna State on Sunday celebrated the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. They prayed for Nigerian leaders and also prayed for protection against various forms of criminalities across the country.

After weeks of fasting and prayers, there were joyous celebrations across several churches on Sunday in commemoration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Reverend Paul Ali, General Overseer, Triumph Bible Church, Kakuri, told the congregation: “We call Friday, during which Jesus was crucified, ‘Good Friday’ because Jesus died to save mankind from all forms of sins; his death provides an opportunity for all our sins to be forgiven.”

According to him: “Ordinarily, when someone dies, we mourn, but in this case, it’s called “Good Friday” because his death saves all and makes grace available to mankind.”

Also, a member of Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministry, Barnawa, Kaduna, Dr Joseph Alima, said the resurrection of Jesus provides a good opportunity for him because his sins are forgiven.

At God’s Miraculous Church, Trikania, Reverend Pastor Ruth Amedu said the death and resurrection of Jesus provide an opportunity for mankind to repent from sins.

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