June 24, 2021

Engage In Profitable And Legitimate Trades,legal practitioner Advises Youths

Engage In Profitable And Legitimate Trades,legal practitioner Advises Youths

There is the need for youths, especially the males to devote their time to legitimate activities that could fetch them income in the face of financial and economic challenges.

 A Chieftain of the Young Progressives Party, YPP, Barrister Temitope Omotayo stated this while featuring on this week’s edition of “Youth Vanguard” (Sorosoke), a radio programme on Voice FM Ado-Ekiti.

Barrister Omotayo explained that many young graduates, particularly the males were idle, hiding under the pretence of non availability of employment opportunities, this he said is contributing to increasing rate of crimes in the country.

“I want to commend our female graduates because most of them, having graduated and discovered that employment opportunities are scanty, they engage in various skill acquisition programmes which are fetching them income, while their male counterparts believe in get rich quick syndrome. They engage in cyber crime, betnaija, okada, among others”.

The YPP Stalwart said people should not be afraid of starting small and they should not be over dependent on their certificates.

“People keep acquiring academic certificates, but the jobs are not available, the certificates are not fetching us what we really want. After our parents have spent money on us, they should not be the ones to be feeding us again after graduation”.

Omotayo who is also an Analyst pointed out that Citizens of Ekiti state should not be deceived by the popular mantra the state is known for academic excellence, adding that the younger generation should project to the world that Ekiti people are also good in other areas like trade and entrepreneurial skills.


On his part, another participant on the programme, Mr. Olumide Ojojolu urged parents to allow their children to learn one trade or the other at the early stage of their lives in order to complement their education.

“If parents allow their children to learn entrepreneurial skills early, it will help them financially when they get to higher institutions and after graduation”.

Mr. Ojojolu who is also an Entrepreneur enjoined the youths to have attitudinal change and be determined to take the bull by the horns, by deciding to acquire entrepreneurship skills.

He said there were many trades that people could start with little resources, such as farming, which according to him could put food on their table.

Callers on the programme “Youth Vanguard” including Mr. Busayo, Adesola, Hassan and Honourable Gbenga from Ado-Ekiti corroborated the points and suggestions of Barrister Temitope Omotayo and Mr. Olumide Ojojolu on the need for youths to learn a trade.

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