December 9, 2023

Heritage Bank Sealed up by Government Over Non Payment Of Tax



Heritage Bank Sealed up by Government Over Non Payment Of Tax


Oyo state government has sealed Heritage Bank in the state over non-payment of tax to the government.

According to report, the Enforcement team of the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development, led by the Director, Land Use Charge, Esv. Olufisayo Ogunbiyi, during an Enforcement tour around the city of Ibadan, said the action was due to non-compliance with payment of revenue to the coffers of the state government.

According to the Director, Land Use Charge, the commercial banks, and the telecommunications outfits have been served notices before the enforcement team visited them.

See Photo As Government Seals Heritage Bank Over Non-Payment Of Tax


He assured them that once they pay the required Land use charge, their premises would be re-opened for business.

He noted that the Oyo State Government has zero tolerance for non-compliance to its policies, hence all business owners should ensure payment of charges to the state government account to ensure their businesses are not disrupted as the exercise is still continuing.

The Director, Land Use Charge equally appealed to residents of the state to contact the Ministry on 0700 OYO LANDS (070069652637) or send an email to for enquiries.

Ratepayers can also make Land Use Charge Payments by visiting, while people can make an online payment by downloading Oyo State Property Reference System (OYPRS) through Google Play Store or App Store which will identify the building/property and land use charge outstanding.


Amongst the team that went out for the enforcement are Land Officers as well as representatives of Private Networks Nigeria Ltd, the IGR Consultant for Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development.

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