23 July 2024

How to Make Children’s Day Memorable for Your Kids


Other than Christmas, Easter, and New Year’s Day, another holiday that kids go wild for is Children’s Day! It’s like a bonus birthday packed with fun activities specially curated for them,  treats and yes, unlimited screen time. Children’s Day is an opportunity for them to be celebrated, and they certainly make the most of it.

While there are plenty of fun outdoor activities to enjoy, there are also numerous ways to make the day fun, exciting, and educational indoors. So, let’s explore some engaging indoor activities that will give the kids a memorable Children’s Day.

Plan a Themed Watch Party: One of the numerous ways to make your kid’s day is to organise a themed watch party featuring their favourite shows. Get inspiration from Apple & Onion, Power Rangers on Cartoon Network (GOtv ch. 89), Mickey Mouse Fun House, Bluey, Super Kitty, and Sofia the First on Disney Jr. (GOtv ch. 82). Create a cosy viewing area with snacks, and invite some of their friends to make it more jolly.

Create Fun Crafts: Use themes from their favourite shows to inspire fun crafts. For example, create superhero masks inspired by PJ Masks or magical wands from Sofia the First. You can also design adventure maps from Dora the Explorer or make friendship bracelets inspired by My Little Pony. while binge-watching the shows together.

Binge-watch their favourite shows: Spend quality time with your kids by having a movie marathon and binge-watching their favourite shows. Engage with them by asking questions and making fun commentaries throughout. This makes them feel special and strengthens your bond.

Here are more kid’s channels to explore on GOtv.

Cartoon Network: Cartoon Network GOtv Channel 89 is a household favourite that stands out from the pack. They deliver hilarious comedy, adventure, and edge-of-your-seat action through the best-animated series and hit blockbuster movies like Teen Titans G0, Ben 10, and Power Rangers.

Disney Channel and Disney Jr.: Disney Channel GOtv channel 90 and Disney Jr. GOtv channel 82 produce classic shows and movies like Mickey Mouse Club House, Sofia the First, Walk the Prank, and Disney Saturdays aimed at kids and teens. Their shows tend to be lighthearted and focus on themes like friendships and fairy tales.

Nickelodeon: Nickelodeon GOtv Channel 87 is synonymous with fun and adventure with shows like Paw Patrol, Henry Danger, The Casa Grande, Danger Force, and Monster High that will keep them glued to the screen.

Jim Jam: Jim Jam GOtv Channel 80 is an ideal choice for the youngest viewers. This channel offers a range of gentle, educational programming designed for preschoolers with shows like Bob the Builder, Pingu, Thomas and Friends, and Heroes of the City.

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