It’s is believed that if you don’t have ,  you can’t find a woman to love you but I got to tell you it’s not true,  you can win her heart over with these simple steps.

1. Composition : you have to be well composed to win a lady’s heart,  woman don’t want a woman that is not well compose. They don’t like a guy that is not well organized.
2. Romantic: You should be romantic in your ways,  the way you talk.  Most ladies fall in love with romantic guys because they love sweet words.
3. Humour.  : ladies love guys that have a high sense of humor,  a guy that make her laughs at most times.
4.  Mutual communication: you must be well communicated,  you guys most understand each other.
5.  Care: women loved caring men,  if you are caring some ladies would not look at how deficient you are monetary,  she would fall in love.