Journalist Oluwatosin Adeshokan apologizes for allegedly taking sexual advantage of teenagers but Nigerians call him out on the apology

has apologized after a number of women came out to accuse him of advantage of them when they were teenagers.

The accusations of  misconduct started pouring in after his friend and fellow , Kiki Mordi took to Twitter to call him out after she discovered what he had been doing to girls. He was accused of claiming to be a feminist only to use the opportunity to gain the trust of young girls in the feminist space and young female writers.

Some of the girls claim he starts out by telling them he loves how they write then he preys on them after gaining their confidence.

Hours after the accusations started, Oluwatosin apologized on Twitter, writing: “I’m sorry to everyone, I truly am. There’s no explanation for what I’ve said and done but I’m honestly and truly sorry. I was idiotic and there’s no explanation. I swear I am sorry for my actions. I don’t know how to make this right but I want to. I really am sorry.”

He added in another tweet: “I’m honestly and truly sorry for everything I did. I rationalised it in my head by thinking it was sexual banter. It wasn’t. I made people uncomfortable. I’m honestly and truly sorry. I know this it too little too late and I was caught and this seems like I’m trying to save face.”

The tweet had a photo text that reads:

I’m sorry for making everybody feel uncomfortable. I will like to sincerely apologise to anyone and everyone that I have had inappropriate conversations with in the past. I’m particularly sorry because I had the trust of the women and my friends.

I take absolute responsibility for my behaviour. I was stupid and idiotic. I have honestly tried to do better as a person. I deeply deeply regret those conversations and hoped that with time, it would go away as I kept trying to be better.

I know that nobody owes me forgiveness or even the work that comes with me trying to do better. But, I really am honestly sorry and I am trying to do better.

I have been reaching out in private to some of the people I’ve been inappropriate with. I also understand that waiting until now to do this betrays what I’m saying.

I know nothing I ever say will make it right, but I promise to do better now and moving forward.

Asides apologizing on Twitter, it appears he had sent private messages to the women involved to apologize to them. This seemed to anger them even more as they claim he was sending them all the same message.

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“You call this an apology?! Especially after copy pasting the same bs in all the women’s dms” You’re sick! You don’t deserve any mercy!” One Twitter user wrote.

Other Twitter users also found faults with his apology and they called him out.

Oluwatosin has now gone private on Twitter following the outrage.

See some reactions below.

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