Naijaloadedites Let’s settle this matter…

Honestly speaking, I don’t watch . I don’t even like the show. In fact, I’m totally against it and I have written some few articles on why the program should be ban in Nigeria. You can use the search tab to locate that on NL.

But this dude called caught my attention. One of the BBNaija season 5, Lockdown housemate. People talks so much about smart and educated he is, bla bla bla.

Last night I had to force myself to watch all his highlight from day one of the show till date, so that I can confirm if truely he is what/who people said he is.

But to my greatest surprise..uhm, let me not say what I have in mind tho since the show is still up. Maybe after the show sha.

In summary, I couldn’t spot the smartness and intelligences as speculated. All I saw is a cool dude who’s free with everyone. A guy who doesn’t fake lifestyles, but keeping it real. A talented upcoming Artist who might become the next big deal in the music industry if he uses his head. Nothing else!

So I don’t understand the unnecessary hypes from Nigerians.🙄

Well, maybe I’m missing out on something sha, since I don’t watch the show regularly.

To those of you that watches the program 24/7, please tell us.

Is Laycon Truely Smart & Intelligent or Just Over Hyped?

Drop comment below 👇