June 24, 2021



Lagosians and the good people of Oshodi Isolo local government area of Lagos State have been called upon to replicate the fairness and hitch free election as witnessed on June 12 1993 during the forthcoming local government election in the state in July.  

This admonition was given by the candidate of the All progressives Congress (APC) in the forthcoming Oshodi Isolo local government, Otunba Kehinde Almaroof Oloyede on the anniversary of June 12,stressing that the election held twenty three years ago remains the best in the history of electoral contest in the country, thus a replica of such should be made to happen in July. 

According to him” I want to join Nigerians in celebrating June 12 this year, no doubt, the June 12 1993 election remains the most peaceful, freest, fairest and transparent election in our country. It’s on this note that I want to appeal to all of us in Lagos State, most importantly our people in Oshodi Isolo local government, to let us replicate June12 spirit during the forthcoming local government election.

It’s a statement of fact that we had one of the fairest and organised primary election in our local government, so I will appeal that we ensure there is peace before during and after the forthcoming local government election on July 24.”

He commended the presumed  winner of june 12 election, late Bashorun MKO Abiola for his steadfastness and commitment to democratic process, which ultimately led to his untimely death, he described him as a great man with enormous wealth but chose to die for his strong belief democracy,which led to the democracy we are all enjoying today.  

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He also praised several politicians, pro democracy activists and labour leaders too numerous to mention for midwifing this nascent democracy. 

In his words” the late chief MKO Abiola gave all he had so that we shall return to democratic governance and which led to his death untimely, he was a great man, dogged fighter who never betrayed the mandate freely given to him by Nigerians.Several others too who ensured the return of democracy in our country should also be commended and recognized especially our national leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu for standing firm in the face of tyranny and struggle for political emancipation of his people.He remains a committed Democrat and nation builder whose immense contributions to democracy can’t be quantified. On this year June 12 celebration I salute all our heroes and heroines for giving us democracy in our country.”

Conclusively, “once given the mantle of leadership in our local government,we  shall ensure the observance of all these important days in our local government in remembrance of the struggle for democracy and celebration of our heroes and heroines.

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