Hi guys,

Uhm this question have been running through my mind for a while and I feel like dropping it here today!

You know everyday we complain of bad government, old men ruling us and the urgent need for power to be handed over to the youths.

Okay that’s fine and true!

But remember that Desmond Idiot Oops Desmond Elliot I mean, and Kogi state governor Yahaya Belo are youths. Yet they’re the worst ever. Even worse than the old men we condemned.

I was watching Desmond Elliot’s Interview last night, dude was busy spewing ignorance on TV. Shame catch me. I was like WTF is this guy saying! Is this the lawmaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly, Surulere Constituency? God have mercy! I had to switched channel immediately.😠

How about Kogi state governor? You all know his records. Clueless!

Now my question to you reading this is,

If You Are Given The Opportunity To Rule Nigeria For 48hrs, What Are The First Things You Will Do As President?

Drop comment below 👇