You’ll agree with me that with 50k, you can rent a good apartment on the

But the case was reversed on the , the least apartment you can get is 250k (single room) which the apartment is not worth it.

No self-contain that is below 500k on the Island, people really struggle to live and pay that huge amount rather than living in places like Ikorodu, Alagbado, Oshodi, Agege, Ajegunle and many more.

You’ll see some group of boys scouting in a single room on the Island just to oppress or show off to their friends who stay on the mainland.

On a low key, they’re living a very downward life and faking it to the public to discourage their friends.

Many of them have the capacity to settle well on the mainland but prefer to rugged it on the Island.

I don’t know why people are forcing themselves to live in an area your level hasn’t reach.

Why Do We  Struggle To Live And Pay Huge Rent On The Island Instead Of Maintaining Standard On The Mainland?

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