Ludo Is Not Just A Game For Fun But It Teaches About The Basic Principles Of Life – Hon. Ishola Ibrahim Obanla


1. *A game of Ludo is unpredictable.*

Life is unpredictable.

2. *The first person to play ‘6’ isn’t automatically the winner.*

In life, you might be the first among your peers to bag a degree, build a house, make money, buy a car or even get married, but that doesn’t mean you are better or you have won. Things can turn, they can play 3 six to overtake you.

3. *The dice in Ludo represents God.*

The dice determines what you do next in the game. When the dice is out the region of play, they say it’s a loss. In Life, once there is life, there is hope. Hope stops the moment your dice is out of the world.

4. *You may need ‘3’ to go home, Someone needs ‘6’ to step in.*

This us priorities. You might just need a 3 to complete a job but rolled the dice and got 6 instead, someone needs that same 6 to step in and start life all over but keeps getting 3 when they roll the dice, Every priority is timing.

5. *In a game of Ludo you’re Accountable for your Performance.*

We were the fastest sperm to get into this world, thus that makes us responsible for every action and decision we make. Nobody takes a blame for your loss or win. You are playing with your friends but you celebrate your success or failure alone. Never played a game of Ludo where the winner say, I won but I want to share my victory with the other opponent, struggling on the field too. You win alone, You lose alone.

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6. *You might finish the easy or hard-way.*

Ever played a game of ludo, where you don’t roam, you just stay in your home and be kicking out those who came around your section just to be winner? Yes, some get life that easy, Others too have to go through the hard way, move all around before they reach the finish line.

7. *There will be blocks, be-it from Friends or Enemies.*

Ever gotten to an opponents’ section in a Ludo game and they have their members on each other, like one on top of the other? Yes, that’s the block, others are not willing to move for you to move, they just block you from moving. This could be your close friends or enemies blocking you from getting to the finish line. Be wary and map different strategies.

8. *At the end of the game everyone finishes.*

At the end of the game, there’s a winner but no loser. The fact that you finished first doesn’t mean you are better than those who finished last. Slowly they got there but yours was fast. You can get wealth at 25, others get theirs at 40. It’s a matter of time, we will all get there but in an appropriate time.

*Stay Safe and Stay Blessed*

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