14 July 2024

Mohbad’s Story and Lessons from Discovery ID


By Pascal Wike

Several Nigerians are perplexed with the revelation from the pathologists who conducted the autopsy on the late Nigerian rapper and singer, MohBad. This signals a dead end to a case that has drawn keen attention both at home and abroad. According to the pathologist, the deceased’s body had decomposed by the time the test was conducted so they couldn’t determine the cause of his death.




To thousands of Nigerians like me who follow real-life crime documentary series on Discovery ID, the news was a shocker. It negates everything we have come to know and see in the series we watch.




These are some of the key lessons learned from years of Discovery ID docuseries and how they relate to this case:




Autopsy can reveal cause of death in exhumed bodies: Having watched several episodes of “Evil Lives Here” on Discovery ID, I’ve seen how forensics help unravel mysteries behind crimes. If properly done, an autopsy can detect the cause of death even if the body has been buried for months. Mohbad’s body was in the grave for less than a month before the autopsy. He was buried September 13, 2023 and exhumed for autopsy September 21, 2023. Many homicide cases worldwide have been solved after victims’ bodies were exhumed. For more eye-opening crime series, tune in to ID Channel on GOtv Channel (103).




All criminals leave a trail: There’s no perfect criminal. They all, inadvertently, leave a trail at the crime scene or on the victim’s body. It’s up to the investigator to trace and find the clue. This is why investigators cordon off crime scenes and will do everything to get the body, even when it is buried. It’s not as easy as it sounds though. It requires painstaking analysis and can take years of rigorous documentation. Great detectives thrive on this challenge, provided they receive proper support from authorities. Should a detective be interested in the Mohbad case, and has a strong institutional backing, then this is surely not the end of it.




Crime knows no borders: Nigeria serves us daily doses of negative news that make us think the country is the deadliest place to live. But my experience watching the Discovery Channel has taught me otherwise. Crime knows no boundaries and the Western world battles more crimes than we realise. As technology advances, so do the sophistication of the criminals.




High-tech tools key to crime investigations: Another significant lesson from Discovery ID is the role of forensics in crime investigations. A lot of criminals who evaded justice in the 80s and are now paying for their crimes in the 21st century, thanks to advancements like DNA technology and many wrongfully convicted individuals now get justice. Given the increasing crime rate, and uncertainties around the Mohbad’s death, Nigeria needs to invest heavily in forensic technology.




Pay attention to your neighbour: Africans once embraced a communal life. Our parents always wax lyrical about how their early days were all about community upbringing. We have now tilted heavily to the Western cultural norms, where every man minds his business. This can come with dire consequences, as I’ve learned on episodes of “Nightmare Next Door” on Discovery ID. Mohbad’s case is a sad reminder. The singer had, on a few occasions, cried for help and some believe the lyrics of his songs subtly signalled for help but Nigerians didn’t pay attention. This is what happens when we leave every man to carry their cross when a bit of support could have averted the tragedy.




I recommend the Discovery ID channel (GOtv Channel 103) to every Nigerian. It provides insights about today’s crime world and the lessons learned can be essential for personal security.

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