July 30, 2021

Ogbomosho United Forum Club in NLO League 

Ogbomosho United Forum Club in NLO League 

The Ogbomosho United Forum Club has been selected as one of the amateur teams in the NLO league. 

The club got the slot under the leadership of its chairman, Hon. Akinwale Akinwole and the Secretary of the Club, Chief Akin Alade. 

The club committee in a statement made available to newsmen said it is  working to make sure the Club is facilitated with modern equipment in a bid to perform among its peers. 

The committee also noted that the amateur 1 is not famous and will be facing challenges than amateur 2.

Part of the statement reads, “at the last session, amateur 1 lost only a match which was the final. They defeated all their opponents and promised to remain undefeated like they have done before.  

Our team is noted for picking young talented ones as players.” 

The Chairman of the club also said he has no regret on his choice despite the criticism against him that he used secondary school students at the National League. 

The statement further said “the young players performed beyond expectations and promised to do better, that’s why the Chairman has gone ahead to get a slot for them at the amateur 1. 

“Last year, the team had an accident in their club’s bus but they are working to get another bus before the commencement of the league.”

The technical crew, according to the Club’s Secretary, Akin Alade will be reshaped to have another formidable crew so as to train the players better and have a nice and incredible outing for the session.

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