Ogun state to experience total lock down starting from Saturday

You head the news right,  Ogun government has released a press statement via Chief Press Secretary, Kunle Somorin stating that there would be a lock down of the state from this 18/4/2020.

Some of us are not aware of this change because here in Ogun state which am also living,  there is this  thing that used to happen which is that every third day, we are free to go out and buy our basic necessities like food stuff,  petrol,  etc.  For this coming lock down which will start on Saturday,  no more going out every three three days again,  the whole state will be on full lock down for 14days. No more going to the market to buy food stuff or anything.  What it means is that you only have today,  Thursday and Friday to buy what ever you want to buy,  load your house and rooms with enough food that will last you for more than 14 days.  If you don’t have money,  you have 2 days left which is from now till Friday to run around and look for money so that you can fill your house with food.  Do not forget that all these measures are for our own safety because the governor of Ogun state have the love of the people at heart.  Please there are millions of people out there that are also citizens of Ogun state but are not on social media,  help us pass this information to them as well.


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