(Photo) Land Dispute Gone Awry: Two Left Dead, Alhaji Taoreed Faronbi(Alado) Accused of their Death


On Thursday 19th of March,2020, Blood bathed WhiteSand a Community between Kuje,Amuwo-Odofin and Isheri Oshun both Areas of Lagos State.
If Debo Oluwoyo and Daniel Chibuzor were told they will experience and incident that will take their lives out them on the said day, it’s possible they might not have believed.

() has been fingered in their Death as it was his boys that unleashed the mayhem that lead to their Death.
A Police officer was also stabbed at the Back, Surveyor to the Kuje Amuwo Royal Family also Sustained varying degree of injuries.

The cause of the attack couldn’t be far from the Boundary that has occured severally between The FAGBILE FAMILY of Isheri-Oshun and The KUJE AMUWO ROYAL FAMILY of Amuwo-Odofin.

The Fagbile Family with the Cooperation of their hired Landgrabber Alhaji Taoreed Faronbi has been encroaching and also selling part of the Kuje Amuwo Family land, This had caused several dispute between the Two Families but not like what was experienced on Thursday March, 9th, 2020.

The Head of the Kuje Amuwo Royal Family, Chief Ligali Saibu Hassan, explained that, An agreement was reached between the two Families that a Neutral Surveyor that has vast knowledge about the Boundaries in all the Communities of Amuwo-Odofin and IsheriOshun should be contacted to come and verify both claims of the Two Families at the boundary Point, Surveyor Ologunebi fell into this category; He was contacted and a date was fixed for the meeting.
He explained further that before the fixed date of the meeting to resolve the Boundary Dispute, We wrote to the FESTAC POLICE DIVISION to give us Policemen to serve as witness.


On the said day, I sent Monsuru Akande, Kuje Amuwo’s Family Surveyor Bayo Benson, Who went with his Police Escort, Two other Family members went with them for the meeting, They journeyed to the Boundary Point, According to Monsuru Akande, While expecting the Police from Festac Division to join them there.
As they approached the meeting point they saw Policemen and Soldiers, And they felt assured that there won’t be any problem, little did they know that the meeting was all a setup.

Within a twinkle of an eye, Hoodlums emerged from different directions and immediately Surrounded the Two Vehicles that they occupied, They were asked to come down from the vehicle and the hoodlums unleashed mayhem on them, They ran to different directions but they were caught, As there were over 50 hoodlums on Standby that day.
It was during this period that they were attacking everyone around, That Debo Oluwoyo a Labourer working on Kuje Amuwo Family Land and Daniel Chibuzor a recharge card seller were attacked.
Debo’s Skull was ripped open with a machete while Daniel had several cuts on his body including his Head.
All this happened right in the presence of the Policemen and Soldiers.

Monsuru Akande narrated further, He said they were thoroughly dealt with and were even attacked with Charms, Machete, Axe and other dangerous weapons.
Surveyor Benson’s Police Escort was also Stabbed while the rest of Monsuru Akande and Surveyor Bayo Benson had several injuries on their bodies, Their phones and personal belongings like Rings, Neckchain,
Handchain and Cash were Stolen.


To their Surprise, Thesame policemen that has been watching as they were being dealt with arrested them despite being injured and bleeding from injuries they had sustained, They were taken to Isheri Police Station but Policemen from Alagbon, came to pick them and it was when they saw the degree of injuries on Debo and Daniel that they were taken to the Hospital but not without getting a police medical report at Festac Police Station.
Unfortunately, Debo died later that day, while Daniel died on Saturday 21st March, 2020.

This menace was properly monitored by Alhaji Taoreed Farounbi(Alado), Segun Akinde(Segun Echo), Ayokunle Fakiyesi, Ikechukwu( IK), Police officer Nureni Agoro, Inspector Adewale Olopade(aka Olopade Sars), Musiliu Idowu and many Others.

The Counsel to the Kuje Amuwo Royal Family, Bayo Omoniyi wrote a petition to the Inspector General of Police, IGP Ibrahim Mohammed Abubakar, In the Petition it was demanded the the IG should order a full scale investigation into the matter.

The Lagos State Police Command through its PPRO, DSP BALA ELKANA, said it has began Investigation in to the attack that happened at white sand, Which left two people dead.
He also said Two people has been arrested in Connection with the attack, While investigation is still ongoing.


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