June 2, 2023

Romantic and intelligent men thrill my fantasy – Actress, Jennifer John


Tall, beautiful actress, Jennifer John, believes that movies roles shouldn’t come with a sexual price tag.

In a recent interview, she said, although she keeps getting sex for movie roles offers from randy producers, she would never succumbed to their illicit desires.

Hear her: “I’ve gotten several sex for roll proposals from producers which of course I turned down because that is not who I am. Every role up until now has nothing to do with sexual favors and I bless God for that. My God ordained roles will get to me without any such compromise. If the role was God ordained for me, it won’t come with any such conditions. I also feel like the industry is growing past that stage where roles are given for such reasons and not because the individual can beautifully interpret the role. The stakes are higher now, competition is stiffer.

I think people would rather consider the business side of things, rather than give roles to someone just because they complied with your sexual demands.

That would be less than smart for business.”

On her parents fear for her marital life, when she told them she was taking up acting as career, Jennifer maintained that she would make a good wife as well as taking her career to the next level.”Well, my parents don’t believe in that narrative, thankfully.

Although they ask those questions when they hear of crashed celebrity marriages. I, however think they’re more confident in the values they instilled in us,to guide me in being able to balance my career and being a good wife.

A lot of celebrity marriages pack up but there are still some that rock solid regardless of their celebrity status. I’ll take a cue from those and of course with the help and direction from God I’ll successfully manage both. I like honest men a lot. I guess because they are really hard to find these days. So, a man who’s genuine and honest is everything to me.

I don’t like deceit,lies. The kind of men that generally thrill my fantasy are romantic, honest and intelligent men. He also has to smart, driven, Godfearing and got a vision.”

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