December 4, 2023

S.e.x without consent in marriage is r*pe -Halima Abubakar

S.e.x without consent in marriage is r*pe -Halima Abubakar

Actress, Halima Abubakar, is of the opinion that a man should never have s.e.x with his partner without her consent.

Speaking in an interview with Saturday Beats, she said, “There have been reports that some homes broke up because of s.e.x but I am sorry to say this, some people are limited in their s3xual expression because of religion. 

Some women just lie down there (during s.e.x) because they are scared of expressing themselves. But, men can encourage their women to be more expressive, without using abusive languages.

“Also, if the woman is not in the mood, her wishes should be respected. There are other things, aside from s.e.x, that a man should concern himself with.

 I consider it a turn off for a man to like s.e.x too much. I feel some men are insatiable (s3xually). Some people have said that when one is legally married, there is nothing like r*pe. But, I don’t agree with that. 

Any s.e.x that is not consensual is r*pe. The woman could even get injured in the process. Would we still call that pleasure? 

One’s husband should not forcefully have s.e.x with one. I am not saying a man should not have s.e.x, but he should control his appetite for it so that it doesn’t lead to his destruction. 

I feel the wife can report this kind of case if she cannot talk to the husband, but should go to the family first. If he does not change, then she should take it to the authorities.”

Abubakar also advocated for castration as the ideal punishment for rapists. She added, “Any rapist caught should be castrated because rape is a pandemic just like COVID-19. 

Many people do not seem to know the extent to which rape damages victims psychologically. People have to take responsibility for their behaviours. I know a lady that eventually died after being r*ped. She went through hell. I also know a man who tried something with a neighbour’s child but thankfully, he did not succeed. Because of that, I don’t talk to him till date. 

Rapists should be castrated. When it is done to some of them, others will learn how to control themselves or get married.”

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