December 4, 2023

The TB Joshua’s Creative Edge in Philanthropic Values To Humanity – Vanuatu


Happiness Doesn’t Result from what we Get but from What We Give-Ben Carson

When humanity becomes what it is in the faith of caring for one another, creating another hope within hopelessness, there is beauty that comes with it that is beyond the physical but that of spiritual blessings from above.

For Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua, it is a privilege from God attending to the needs of others as many observers believe the obvious treatments in favour of widows, community support, scholarships, Disaster Relief, Education, support for migrants sports and reconciliation efforts are part of the will of God’s Purpose, that the prophet is meant to fulfil on earth

Nigeria is currently going through a series of trials but most urgent are the abject poverty facing the country with a confirmation of the description of being a world poverty capital, the country’s citizen and weak state of our social sector, Specifically in education, health and other sectors. In Developing country like Nigeria, the implementation of social projects is never achieved, sustainably! there is often strong collaboration from those with a creative edge that is willing to create value in humanity which is what Prophet T.B Joshua has been doing in its philanthropic gesture both locally and international.

First, in education, the Synagogue Church For All Nation (SCOAN) has a scholarship program which caters for academic needs of students in their thousands, ranging from primary to tertiary institutions, in 2012, Pastor T.B Joshua sponsored a Nigerian student doing a PhD in oxford university which was widely reported that the said lady received hundred thousand pounds from the church while a young Motswana was said to have gotten a scholarship to study at Harvard law school.

In Nigeria, structured philanthropic giving is in its infancy and some while some will argue that it has not even commenced, this is unfortunate as the culture is rife with examples of benevolent giving at the community level. More importantly, Pastor T.B Joshua has come to the aide of several communities in distress, Wikipedia reports that Pastor Joshua had donated over 26-million Naira toward restoring electricity and putting an end to over two-year power outage in four councils in Akoko area of Ondo state, with other philanthropic gestures to the Nigeria police in Nigeria, Ghana and Colombia, while Forbes estimated that Pastor T.B Joshua has spent $20 million on education, health care, and rehabilitation programs former Niger Delta militants, including repentant Armed Robbers who came to the church for deliverance.

On Reconciliation front, Pastor T.B Joshua was said to have got involved in the meeting of the family of the late president of Liberia Samuel Doe with the former warlord Prince Yomie Johnson who was responsible for Doe’s death where the family publicly forgave Johnson who said it was through Joshua’s prayers that he stopped drinking alcohol and turning into Christianity, reports also indicates that the cleric also played a prominent role in reconciling many broken homes and restoring families torn apart.

Methinks Pastor T.B Joshua is an archetypal God sent who does not want to owe anyone a debt of gratitude rather, fulfilling biblical dictates of his creator who implores his children to continue to be their brother’s keeper.

A man with discipline and character with quality of Apostles of God is reputed to be one the best thing that has happened to mankind especially in the way his philanthropic gestures gears on-towards, as he displays the admonition of Mother Theresa whose philosophical belief is given, but give until it hurts.

What should therefore be done is for men of God who crave the act of charity to continue toeing the line of God so that together, with Pastor T.B Joshua they can build a society that thrives on human and communal compassion in the dictates of God!

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