These celebrity doppelgangers looks so much like their famous lookalikes that it’s hard to tell them apart

It is said that everyone has a doppelganger somewhere. For some, double are popular figures.

An Instagram account, created by Israel-based Freddy Slivinski, shares snaps of people who closely resemble popular celebrities. 

Some of people bear such a striking resemblance to celebrities that it’s hard to tell who is the and who is the doppelganger.

Below are some popular celebrities and their non-biological twins. The celebrities are on the right and the on the left.

British student Ella Norton (pictured left) says it’s a ‘lovely compliment to be compared to Emma Watson (pictured right)’.

Content creator Sonja Lovdal (pictured left) says she is often mistaken for Games of Thrones star Maisie Williams (pictured right) and uses it as her ‘party trick’

Argentine Pablo Perillo (pictured left) so much like the real Bruce Willis (pictured right) that he’s even replaced him in an energy drink advert in Budapest, since the actor was in New York filmings

This Rihanna lookalike (pictured left” says it’s “an immeasurable honor” to be likened to Rihanna (right)

James Martin (pictured left), based in London, is a Colin Farrell (pictured right) Impersonator.

He said: ” Most people believe I’m him and don’t believe me when I say I’m not”

Daniel Volovsek (pictured left), a Keanu Reeves (pictured right) lookalike, says he gets stopped for selfies so often when at work that his boss ‘keeps him in the office’.

The Briton added that he’s had the similarity pointed out to him ever since he was a teeanger.

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Steffen Anton (pictured left), from Germany, looks like Neil Patrick Harris’ (pictured right) How I Met Your Mother character Barney Stinson. He says most fans of the show ‘freak out’ when they see him. 

This German-based man (pictured left) works as a double of Ed Sheeran (pictured right).

“It’s crazy because I can’t even go shopping in peace,” he says.

This Mariah Carey lookalike (pictured left) says she is regularly stopped for selfies while shopping at her local supermarkets.

This English teacher (pictured left) who looks like Celine Dion (right) says, ‘many crazy things have happened to me because I look like Celine Dion, like calling me rude for not signing autographs or pulling my hair to see if I’m wearing a wig.’

Orlando-based Ashley Pitzer (pictured left) said some fans cry when they see her, thinking she’s the real Britney Spears (pictured right).

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