Woman narrates how screaming the name of Jesus saved her when her car ran under a trailer

A , who survived what would have been a fatal accident, has given credit to God for saving her after her car lost control and ran a .

The Twitter user named Oma said she was on Aba Road, coming from Obigbo, one Saturday morning when she lost control of her steering wheel ansd her brakes refused to work.

She noticed her car heading for a trailer and nothing she did could stop it. As the car got dangerously close to the trailer, she said she let go of the steering wheel, closed her eyes and screamed the name of

When she opened her eyes, she found that her car had somehow done a complete 360 so that the rear was squashed under the trailer while the front of the car was facing the road and was completely fine.

She said the car somehow turned at the last minute and if it didn’t, it would have been the front that would be have been smashed and she won’t have survived it.

Read her story below.

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