Years ago, when we started Network Tentacles

ago, when we , it was like child’s play.. But today, we have become a global brand, having successfully translated our many years in artiste management & promotions onto the internet space, promoting brands, businesses, and effectively spreading communications materials across various social media platforms. Ask our clients, we are Your Most Powerful Communications Agents on the internet.

Apart from networking your business/brands to the nooks and corners of the internet, we also do other value-added services like Websites Building, Logo Creation, Profiles Writing and many more, sometimes at no extra cost.
We also broker Brand Ambassadorship deals.

So do you have something to tell the world, tell it through us.
Let us help you position your business in the mindset of your teaming potential customers. Let us make your brand memorable.

08023252821, 08034625160 +1 347 244 6650

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