May 18, 2022

2023: Saraki officially declares, promises to be the bridge between North, South

2023: Saraki officially declares, promises to be the bridge between North, South

Former Senate President Bukola Saraki declared his candidacy for the presidency on Thursday, stating that next year’s election presents Nigerians with a crucial opportunity to choose hope over despair.

He stated that despite the fact that the country’s recent trajectory was nothing to write home about, Nigerians should not despair but instead unite in choosing the best candidate for president in the 2023 election.

This was stated by the former governor of Kwara State during his presidential media conference in Abuja on Thursday.

He said, “This is not the time to surrender while in despair. We must rise above the division that keeps us apart.

“This is the moment we must put everything apart to save the country. This is not the country we want nor the country our founding fathers envisioned.”

He added that he will invest in skills acquisition for youths, ensure all security personnel is well renumerated, tackle insecurity, and provide favourable healthcare packages for Nigerians among others.

The Peoples Democratic Party aspirant also promised to develop policies that will keep professionals in the country and prevent brain drain.

“I know how business and government work. I know how the legislature operates. I represent a Nigerian identity that is truly diverse. I’ll be the needed bridge the country yearns for,” Saraki said.

“I will deliver 500, 000 affordable housing units annually. I’ll create a viable platform to protect the African continent. I will be President for all because I represent the Nigerian identity. I will be the bridge between the North and South, Muslims and Christians”, he said.

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