September 29, 2023

Actress Toyin Abraham Bursts RevolutionPlus Amid Land Scams Allegation


Nollywood star actress, Toyin Abraham has taken popular property company, RevolutionPlus to the cleaners amid the allegations of land allocations scams.

Actress Toyin Abraham Bursts RevolutionPlus Amid Land Scams Allegation

The actress who signed an endorsement deal with the company in 2020 has taken to her Instagram stories to open the company’s can of worms.

She wrote; “There is a limit to everything, let the sleeping lion sleep, do not push me pass the wall cos I won’t stop, I promise I won’t stop.”

“After terminating someone’s deal yourself because you feel she doesn’t post your company or publicly do advert, and you still want her to keep mute that she’s done with the company, you came to me because of my fans and following, so I shouldn’t protect them after asking them to go ahead.”

“I get threatened everyday, I have cried I have begged what else should I do. Please let the sleeping lion sleep. The world saw how I stood my ground then but not anymore because my tired is even tired. Ara adugbo egbami o. If I start I promise I won’t stop cos I will post everything I mean every gaddem thing.”

“Even in marriage, if a man starts abusing and beating you, you will definitely leave. I did a lot behind closed doors cos I believed and trusted you people as a family but not anymore.”

“If you have people around you it’s normal you asked for favour because I also do more than just property advert I do other brand advert which is not in the contract. People buy cos they trusted me and you still want me to go on with advert which I said no and contract was terminated and you still want me to keep mute about it.”

“Once you are done with a company you let the world know and nothing more. I won’t keep mute this time cos I work hard for my money so I know what it means to work hard for money especially people in Canada and UK with that cold.”

“Keep throwing shade at me, won’t even do posh posh this time around, God knows I will go full Molete girl because I don’t understand why a contract will be terminated by you because you feel I’m not doing enough for the company because I wanted us to atleast sort the issue on ground and you still don’t want me to say I’m done working with the company.”

“Keep the shade coming, I was called from a king palace over this, my mum and mum-in-law and godmum was dragged over this issue and still stood firm but you decided to terminate it after taking bullets for the company, no I won’t keep mute. There’s mega phone beside me already.”

“Don’t talk, don’t talk you are a star till they will ruin someone’s life and reputation, this is the only thing I do for a living. People have issue but rectify it and apologise but not still going ahead like nothing is wrong. I wake up to curses and threat everyday of my life because of what. Please continue the shade.”

“All this ones is just thinking out loud o, I have not started talking just in case you think I’m talking, I’m just thinking out loud. Keep shading.”

“For the records, I joined in 2020 so coming up with a case of 2017 is a no no for me. Please drag me, insult me I will accept it, I don’t mind, I deserve all the insults and the curses but you can’t blame me for everything. Yes I was paid for my deal and you don’t expect me to be a brand ambassador for free now, so what’s the fuss about.”

And lastly will I ever know this will happen to the company and moreover the little I know is that they are not scam but the reasons people didn’t get what they paid for is my issue and I have tried to resolve it behind close doors and a lot of people will tell you I help in getting their money back but I had to stop posting and stop any activities and they sent and email terminating my deal with them and the reason is because I reduced affection and I’m reluctant to publicly talk or show the brand publicly.”

“A lot went down but I’m not one that will come on here to talk too much and run people down, as an actress even if there’s no issue when you are done with any brand you let the world know, I did a lot but I’m tired and I can’t go on again. Please you can curse and insult me if that will make you feel good I don’t mind cos I can feel your pain.”

“Please for the records I never collected any land or house or car from RevolutionPlus company. I was paid for my services and get paid for products placement in my movie if need be, so please once again I wasn’t given any land at all or house at all please.”


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