23 July 2024

FBNQuest Trustees Set to Host an Estate Planning Clinic in Ibadan



FBNQuest Trustees, a subsidiary of FBNHoldings, and a leading provider of trust solutions to individuals, corporate entities, and government institutions, is hosting an Estate Planning Clinic in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. The event will take place on May 30, 2024.

The forum’s theme is “Preserving Legacies Across Generations” and aims to educate residents from Ibadan and environs about the importance of estate planning in accordance with relevant legislation. The session will be led by experienced professionals with in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in estate planning.

The focus of this event is generational wealth transfer and proper estate planning, using live and practical examples to bring the message to bear.


The session will provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the necessary steps and actions to take to preserve their properties across generations. Additionally, FBNQuest Trustees will share valuable insights on managing conventional estate plans, which are designed to ensure the preservation of legacies.


For further information and clarification about the Estate Planning Clinic, please contact Adeniyi Babalola at adeniyi.babalola@fbnquest.com or visit our website at https://fbnquest.com/trustees/.




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