February 21, 2024

Good Night Bro! Read What Pastor Kola Oyeyemi Said About Dola Bamigboye


Good Night Dola!
I have tried to pen something down but have always stopped midway. The desire to write anything suddenly fades as one is tempted to say; what’s the point?!

2020 has redefined everything that we used to know; especially how we used to define Life. Many of us carry on with an obsessive belief that we have firm controls of tomorrow until we are rudely jolted into the reality that none of us is in control of anything; especially This Thing Called Life!

We struggle through life trying to be in control of things, of people, of situations, of positions and we give nearly everything and anything to gain this control only to lose not just the control but even life itself!

Dola!!! Okundola Bamgboye! Your sudden departure is another rude reminder of the temporariness of life and all our vain pursuits. You laboured all your life. You absorbed insults. You ignored the jeers. You turned the mockery into humor because of the bigger goals of family and self actualization.

You celebrated the cessation of school bills paying and looked forward to a blissful future with your lovely wife as you both watch the now grown children make greatness a way of life

You even counted the months to retirement in our last exchange and you considered an early exit. That exit was meant to be from work and not from life itself Dola but see what happened! You exited both

Only those who do not know you would be shocked at the loads of great things being said about you. You were a unique being! Akanda Olorun! You were a phenomenon! It is tough to replicate you Dola! God made you special!

I know loads of people will miss you but I will personally miss you. You were a great colleague; a friend and a brother who genuinely desired the good of others. You called me Afenifere in our last conversation but that word truly describes you. You were selfless and genuinely happy for others

Rest on brother. The struggles are over. The pains are gone. You have entered into your own rest where you will never be disturbed again

May the Lord comfort Ochee and the children and strengthen all the loved ones you left behind.

Good Night Dola!

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