14 July 2024

Mouka Marks Children’s Day, Urges Healthy Sleep for Cognitive Development


Mouka celebrates with Nigerian youth on this year’s Children’s Day while recognizing the vital role played by parents in providing the framework for a healthy sleep culture needed for sound physical and cognitive development.

Celebrated every May 27th, Children’s Day in Nigeria is conceived to promote togetherness and self-awareness among children and children’s rights within society.

Mr. Femi Fapohunda, the company’s Managing Director, emphasized Mouka’s unwavering commitment to children’s well-being. He stated, “As we celebrate this year’s Children’s Day with the theme ‘Investing in our future means investing in our children,’ Mouka remains dedicated to promoting healthy sleep right from childhood as this is a precursor to academic excellence as well as physical, social, emotional and mental wellbeing. We have a Mouka product specially designed for each age group, from cradle to grey, to help each Nigerian sleep well so they can perform at their best the next day. A well-rested child will perform better in school and be socially well-adjusted. If a healthy sleep culture is imbibed and continues into adulthood, they will become a highly productive member of the country’s labor force. In other words, investing in good sleep for our children helps to build a brighter future for our nation.”

Mouka’s Brand Manager, Tolani Tijani, shed more light on the company’s specialized products for children. “Mouka has a wide range of products specially designed with kids in mind. The Dreamtime mattress is available for younger children in the crib and regular bed sizes. Our Dreamtime mattress is water resistant, which means spills will not soak the foam core, and also breathable, which means it allows air to circulate around the child’s body, keeping them cool to prevent excessive sweating. We also have the Comfy mattress, popularly called the school mattress, which supports weights up to 50kg. In addition, we have the Flora mattress, which is a great choice for older teens up to the weight of 80kg. As you can see, we have a Mouka for every Nigerian child”, Tolani said.

Medical experts also weighed in on this issue. The Nigeria Society of Physiotherapy (NSP) affirmed that quality sleep enhances a child’s cognitive abilities, including reasoning, problem-solving, abstract thinking, comprehension, and memory. It also plays a crucial role in language development. Furthermore, research indicates that developmental milestones missed during childhood can have long-term effects on adolescence and adulthood. Therefore, parents need to select the right sleep products for their children, such as those endorsed exclusively by the NSP, like Mouka’s.

The NSP has often partnered with the Mouka brand during school fairs, digital communication, and grassroots initiatives to create awareness of the pivotal role of quality sleep in the total well-being of Nigerian children.

Mouka is a proud member of the Dolidol Group, the market leader in Africa’s sleep industry with its head office in Morocco. The Mouka mega-brand has been adding comfort to life since 1959.

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