March 24, 2023

Music & Video : Akinremi Sweet – Only You Deserve

Music & Video : Akinremi Sweet – Only You Deserve
Akinremi Sweet is known for his melodic voice, engaging lyrics and his exciting genre of African alternative music. Akinremi has received several nominations, including the Next Rated nomination. He won Wayout music of the Year at The Beacon 2012.
Oluwole ademola Akinremi, known by his stage name Akinremi Sweet, is a Nigerian musician, singer, songwriter, record producer, entrepreneur, philanthropist, humanitarian, and activist. Prior to 02-2014, he went by the stage name T.rhyme while others call him Olomitutu, Church boy but choose to be called Akinremi Sweet is the first winner of LTV studio award in 2014, Best African R&B compose Award in 2005, campus Awards 2015-2018 Best soul  worship lefter year 2018-2020

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