23 July 2024

Nigerians pick ‘Aso Ebi’ for Joe Biden and Harris inauguration


Some Nigerians living in the United States have designed a special “Aso Ebi”, to be worn on Wednesday, January 20 for the inauguration of Joe Biden and Harris Kamala as President and Vice President of the US respectively.

In a video that surfaced online showing the attire, Biden and Harris’s names were imprinted on the Aso Ebi showed off by two Nigerian men.

The attire also had their pictures and a caption, ‘victory party’. They said they were taking theirs to tailor.

One of the joyous Nigerians said, “So, Aso Ebi is ready now. Can you see this? It is ready. I am taking mine to the tailor for the inauguration.”

Another Nigerian, who spoke in Yoruba, said, “We will rock this. We will sweep away all those with negative mindsets out of the white house.”

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