September 24, 2023

Power Oil partners Ali Nuhu to build awareness on dangers linked to unbranded cooking oil

Power Oil partners Ali Nuhu to build awareness on dangers linked to unbranded cooking oil

Power Oil announces further amplification of its health promotion campaign in Northern Nigeria. The brand pioneered branded zero cholesterol and healthy cooking oil in Nigeria and recently partnered with Ali Nuhu Mohammed (a Nigerian actor and director also known as the king of Kannywood) as they will be embarking on a campaign to build awareness on a healthy lifestyle.

The campaign continues the unending clamor against indiscriminate use and consumption of unbranded cooking oil in Nigeria the source of which remains untraceable.

Over the years, this unbranded cooking oil has crept into Nigerian open market stalls and traveled into various homes through untraceable means. The containers and gallons in which they come are unlabeled, and neither do they have a direct link to any source. Most unfortunately, the ill manner it is being handled and in the most unhygienic environment poses grievous health risks to consumers.

Another point of consideration is the state of the economy and the high cost of living in the country undoubtedly shape every mind about maximizing funds on purchases. Thus, the average Nigerian man does his calculations, tries to cut costs on most of the basic things, and goes for the cheaper rather than opting for the healthier option.

One such is cooking oil; one of the most constantly used ingredients in the kitchen. To make ends meet, the average Nigerian household opts for unbranded cooking oil which is cheaper and increases the risk chances to heart health in the long term.

Medical experts and relevant regulatory bodies such as the Nigeria Heart Foundation (NHF) and others have cautioned against the consumption of these unbranded products which may contain high cholesterol and might be gravely contaminated. The market for such adulterated oils continues to rise while the seed of cholesterol and heart diseases germinates in the lives of unsuspecting consumers. According to medical experts, cholesterol is a significant risk factor for heart disease among people of all ages.

Sharing a common vision of instilling a healthy lifestyle for Nigerians along with Ali Nuhu Mohamed, Power Oil, which contains zero cholesterol, zero trans fat, vitamins, and omega fatty acids hopes to deeply comb northern Nigeria with a sensitization campaign against the consumption of unbranded cooking oil, and most importantly, to enlighten them that every Nigerian deserve a healthy lifestyle regardless of their social status.

Ali Nuhu Mohammed whose other nickname is “Saki Ali” is considered a force and a voice among the Northern youth; he also has earned an honorary doctorate which has positioned him as the best fit to lead the movement. He will use his popularity and influence to lead the campaign drive against unbranded oil within his circle and culture.

The Power Oil Health Camp exercise will equally be available to the public. This is a project instituted in 2015 and primarily aimed at bringing free basic health check-ups closer to the public with the assistance of certified doctors, while sensitizing the public about ways to keep their heart functioning perfectly and how to maintain a moderate cholesterol body system.

The partnership aims at sensitizing Nigerians to the inherent dangers in the consumption of unbranded cooking oil and equally offers healthier and affordable options. As part of the campaign activities, the Brand is resolute to influence and enlighten Northern consumers on the prevailing health risks of consuming adulterated oil. The campaign has previously improved the lives of many, and the brand is not resting its oars on continuously raising the bar.

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