15 July 2024

Regina Daniels’ ex, Somadina threatens to block anyone who mentions her on his page again


Aww Somadina Adinma, the former boyfriend of Nollywood actress, Regina Daniels has had enough of people mocking him over the actress abandoning him for a billionaire. 

He is also tired of people talking about him and his ex, despite she is married at any slightest opportunity.

He wants to know why he should post a picture and some people will still mention Regina’s name on HIS OWN PERSONAL page.
Anyway, he shared a photo of himself and people still went that way again. Some spoke about Regina in the comment section, and Somadina decided to end that ASAP.
Thanking his fans for the show of love, he quickly then dropped a warning saying anyone who mentions Regina in the comment section will get blocked.
Talk about having it to the brim!!!

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