June 26, 2022

#TSA4SOMOLU: Meet Sheriff Adekoya, seasoned Marcomms professional gunning for LAHA seat

#TSA4SOMOLU: Meet Sheriff Adekoya, seasoned Marcomms professional gunning for LAHA seat

There are strong indications that the 2023 general elections in Nigeria and Lagos in particular, will be peopled by seasoned technocrats who were hitherto fixated with their professional callings therefore leaving a huge gap in the political arena.

One of such technocrats who has decided to take the bull by the horn and has entered the nation’s political arena to give it same professional commitments as he has done in private practice for the good of the nation and her citizens, is Sheriff Adekoya.

Who is Sheriff Adekoya?

Sheriff Adekoya is a goal-driven integrated marketing & communication professional with solid research and analytical background. He is a seasoned strategist. He builds on insight-driven consumer-centric approaches; his work experience cut-across Insight Communications, Commstrat Associates, MCC, Crosswalk Data Link and SBL Group.

He has worked on several notable brands during his career. These include but are not limited to FCMB, Accion MFB, Heineken, Design Union, Seerbit, Star Lager, Fresh Bone, Gulder, Star Radler, Star Lite, Tiger, Quaker Oats, Castrol Petrochemicals, Adam & Eve, Skin Beauty, Action Bitters, Accelerex Global, Eagle Aromatic Schnapps, Prima Gardens, 225 Construct, Binary Clean Tech, Sainte Croix, Kasvina Properties, ROI Construction, and several other top brands, as well as some notable political campaigns.

His competence includes creative advertising, strategic brand building, data-driven marketing, concept leadership, digital, research, data analytics and company growth hacks. As a great teacher and facilitator, Sheriff teaches strategy, leadership, team building, communication skills, customer services, and much more. And has facilitated across notable firms and government parastatals.

Sheriff has about two decades of experience creating tech-infused innovative ideas and solutions that benefit every stakeholder. His educational journey cuts across Yaba College of Tech, University of Ibadan, and a handful of seminars and workshops across Lagos Business School, 02 Academy among many others.

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He presently leads a team of young creative minds, growth hackers focused on business transformation, sustainable leap, and brand culture shaping, at Edgeforth BS – a DigiTrad agency with an audacious gait.

Adekoyaloves personal development, leadership, team building, brand evolution and the environment.

Official declaration for Somolu Constituency 1 seat

Adekoya on Sunday, 8th May officially declared to run for the Somolu Constituency 1 seat in the forthcoming 2023 general elections in Lagos State under the platform of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC).

Adekoya openly met his constituents on Sunday at the town square to officially inform them of his aspiration to represent their best interest in the State House of Assembly.

In his own words, TSA reminded his people of The Somolu of time past and his own upbringing as a true breed. The event was attended by youth, women, elders and children alike from within and outside Somolu.

Adekoya earlier this afternoon submitted his completed Nomination and Expression of Interest forms at the APC Secretariat on ACME Road, Ogba, Lagos.

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