April 14, 2024

I’m not a playboy and never had an easy life – Kiddwaya speaks

I’m not a playboy and never had an easy life – Kiddwaya speaks

A former contestant in the Big Brother Naija reality show, Terseer Waya, aka Kiddwaya, in this interview with Tofarati Ige speaks about his career, foundation, love life and other issues

The excerpt…

Due to your privileged background, some people believe you have had an easy life. What is your reaction to that?

The question should be, “What do people refer to as an easy life”? I don’t think any life is easy. My experience in 2020 has not been an easy one, and I am sure that goes for many people as well. Yes, I had an easy life in terms of not having to suffer like some people, and that is on one level. However, expectations are very high from my family. At some level, they expect one to do things well and that starts from school. Life is not easy generally, especially when one is an adult. But, when one works hard, one can make life easier for oneself.

What do you regard as your lowest moment?

I am still learning and growing, so I have not had any low moments I can remember. I try to forget about negative things and move on quickly. However, 2020 has been a very low moment for everyone in general. Some people lost their lives, while some were relieved of their jobs.

To some people, you cut the picture of a playboy. How would you describe your love life?

I do what I want, while being a gentleman. I would not really say I have a love life. I am more focused on work, the future and making a better life for myself.

Are you a playboy?

No, I am not. People think I am a playboy because I am gentle, nice and look good. I am just nice to women and I know how to treat them. The fact that I have a lot of women around me does not mean I am a playboy. If I want to get married today, I would do that. And, if I want to date a girl, I would also do that. If I want to get married, I would be committed to a long-term marriage. I don’t think I have a love life. I think I have a life and I am trying to find love.

Are you saying you are single?

You would have to wait and find out. The year is just starting.

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