14 July 2024

Lady calls out man and his wife for maltreating 2-year old boy


A lady has called out a man and his wife for allegedly maltreating a two-year old boy.

The lady, Facebook user, Kwin Oge, made the call out on her page.

According to her, the mother of the little boy left him in care of his father.

The father and his new partner, the boy’s step mother have however been maltreating him.

Sharing a very disturbing photo of the boy, she called on Delta State Government to come to his aid.

She wrote;

“Mr kwin Oge wall

This is Zino. A 2 year old child whom the biological mother dropped with his biological father and step mother at No 113 Okumagba Avenue, Ojabugbe junction off Deco Road, Warri, Delta State. Since then the father and step mother has been giving this child all sorts of maltreatment and starvation.

Please I call on the Delta state government and all human right activists to come to the aid of this child as the father and step mother has refused neighbours from feeding the boy even when they have refused to give him food. They lock him up in dark room and beat him up when he receives help from neighbours. Neighbours now are afraid to help so they don’t end up killing him. Please come to the aid of this child.Please help repost till he gets an helper”

After the call out, a Nigerian activist, Harrison Gwamnishu  came to the aid of the boy.

He then later came back to give update about the case.

He wrote;

”Gwamnishu has given an update about the child on his Facebook page, as he states that the father has been arrested ad the child taking to the hospital.


You called and we responded swiftly despite health challenges.



> BLOOD: 30%



He’s malnourished and currently on admission. Father arrested and detained at B Division Warri.”

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