March 2, 2021

Melania Trump ‘never wrote thank you notes’ to staff

Melania Trump ‘never wrote thank you notes’ to staff

Melania Trump did not write her own ‘thank you’ notes to the White House staff who have cared for her family for the last four years, reports claim.

Instead, the outgoing First Lady had staff write notes to some 80 staff who took care of the Trumps and their official residence.

She and husband Donald Trump left the White House for the last time on Wednesday as President Joe Biden was sworn in.

They broke with tradition to snub his ceremony, as the Trumps staged their own send-off at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland then fled Washington DC for Florida.

US media reported Melania would not be giving her successor Jill Biden a tour of the White House, in another major break with First Lady custom.

According to CNN, White House staff received typed notes from the First Lady they had initially thought were written by her. 

However, according to two sources with knowledge of the note, she had out-sourced the task to an East Wing staffer.

It is reportedly said to be customary for First Ladies to write personal notes to White House staff when the family leaves the residence.

Sometimes staff who have grown particularly close with the First Family will get lengthier letters, featuring personal stories.

According to CNN, the butlers, cooks, housekeepers, ushers and maintenance workers often don’t change between leaders, and many had been there for longer than a decade.

The messages are often cherished by the staffers for years, and have historic value.

But according to the broadcaster, sources said by the day it became time for Melania to leave, she had already “checked out,” “just wants to go home,” and was “not sad to be leaving” Washington and the White House.

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Melania is said to have tasked the staffer to write the notes “in her voice,” then signed her name to them.

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