February 21, 2024

MyGOtvApp, Model For Improved Customer Experience



Customer service is an essential component of any business, as the satisfaction of every customer remains paramount to every business owner or service. Moreover, technology has made it easier for businesses in this day and age to courteously interact with their customers with the availability of multiple channels to address various observations and comments.


The self-service option remains one of the most significant features that modern technology has provided businesses with which is to further engage and aid their customers in responding to issues in real-time, especially when there is a forced physical barrier between both parties. This is one of the main priorities of GOtv Nigeria with the infusion of creativity and innovation in its business and became even more obvious following the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in the first quarter of 2020.


With lockdown and social distancing measures enforced as part of efforts to curb the spread of the virus, the use of technology, particularly self-service options, became crucial for businesses to use to resolve customers’ enquiries as physical walk-in offices and customer care centres were basically shut down. The MyGOtv app, therefore, became not just another app downloaded on individuals’ mobile devices, but a valuable tool to reach out to and address issues for GOtv subscribers during such a critical moment.


The MyGOtv app, which was launched in 2019, was designed to take into consideration the needs of its customers, specifically ease and convenience. Taking into account the safety of both staff and subscribers, who usually physically walk into offices of GOtv and its accredited partners in their numbers before the pandemic, the app has been significantly enhanced and has made customer service more seamless.


The interface of the My GOtv app has been designed in such a way that will allow customers to easily interact and feel comfortable while using it. From either the bed, sitting room or the office, GOtv subscribers can easily renew their subscription, change their subscription plan and view the number of days of subscription. The app has literally become a life-saver as queues at the various walk-in centres are now a thing of the past, particularly in compliance with the ever-changing public health regulations.


Also, errors such as E-16 (service currently scrambled) and E-30 (checking subscription status) are addressed via the app by clicking on the “fix error” icon following subsequent steps. Knowing the importance of time and trust for the customer, such enquiries made through the app are immediately attended to and resolved in quick response time.


No society can truly prosper without innovation and no business can thrive without not taking customer satisfaction into cognizance. In an era where public health officials are advocating limitation of physical contact and gatherings, the MyGOtv app has become a model for the convergence between customer service and technology. It mirrors the subscriber in mind and enables them to access the world of quality entertainment comfortably, as well as resolve all complaints with the tip of their fingers.


With millions of downloads already recorded, the app is a channel geared towards offering value-added service for GOtv customers. By aiding subscribers to solve some basic challenges with the help of technology, the company follows through with its pledge to provide to-tier services to its relevant stakeholders.


The MyGOtv app is available for download to subscribers on Google Play and iStore.

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