25 June 2024

Ogun: Yellow journalism and senseless propaganda of frustrated elements

Ogun: Yellow journalism and senseless propaganda of frustrated elements

The ongoing vituperation and smear campaign by opposition elements and their cohorts against the Governor of Ogun State, Prince Dapo Abiodun, is clearly understandable, though pitiable, it is undoubtedly a function of frustrated minds and hopeless situation; we genuinely sympathize with them.

The most laughable of the recent junk of less cognitive strength is the one authored by a scavenger in the media space, who is in desperate need of means of survival amid marital trauma of fragmented home; I was seriously amused by his reference to ‘friends and colleagues in the media’, this is unpardonable product of imaginary error. Who are his colleagues and from which media platforms?

However, because this response is originally conceived to kill the dangerous virus the dirty mind ignorantly sold to some unsuspecting members of the public about the governor of Ogun State and his administration, I will not dignify this element by dwelling much on his personality and rough antecedents, but quickly go straight to puncture some of his lies I consider necessary for the sake of the good people of the State, as majority of those lies are too intelligible with obvious absence of logic to elicit any response.

First, we understand why these political jobbers were raising the issue of ecological funds and imaginary disappearance of $9m from the state coffers. It is a matter of messy background and history of monumental corruption that characterized the 8-year administration of their gang leader, in which every fund meant for ecological intervention was criminally siphoned by the governor and his cronies, they thought it is going to be the same style of governance this time around.

They were also hallucinating on the kleptomaniac way in which their leader swindled the State for eight years and depleted the state’s treasury with impunity, they now maliciously concluded that the stealing spree which was the order of those days would continue under PDA, moreso, when all their entreaties to join the new administration and continue their criminal activities were cleverly blocked by the governor, who knows his onions and also understands their psyches.

Putting the record straight, Governor Dapo Abiodun has been open and transparent with the management of all funds accruing to the State’s purse with high level of prudence and financial intelligence, in which ecological funds is not an exception. As a matter of facts, the Governor, more than any of his predecessors have judiciously utilized the funds as a result of his consciousness towards safe and clean environment.

At no time did Governor Dapo Abiodun, ask any Chairman of any local government to sign for ecological funds without corresponding disbursement in the same breath for the purpose it meant for. Again, the purveyors of this jaundiced narrative are former beneficiaries of callous gang-raping of ecological funds during their time, they are certified criminals.

Speaking on the Mikano Cars gifted to Chairmen of local governments and issues surrounding it, obviously, the scenario was blown out of proportion by the enemies of the Governor and the State, there is no any animosity between the Governor and the Chairmen. As a result of inclusive governance of the present administration in the State, every state functionary is fully aware of the economic status of the State and always ready to sacrifice whatever that is needed to ensure its stability and functionality, so, the impression these elements are trying to create around this issue was a mere ploy to set the governors against chief executives of councils, which has become dead on arrival indeed.

It is indeed instructive that Governor Dapo Abiodun, has been a rallying point in the administration and management of the ruling party, the APC, in the State, without unnecessary interference and with high degree of loyalty and decorum, even in the face of shameless betrayal of his supposed ally and predecessor, who stooped so low to have been manipulated by money to embark on anti-party activities during the last gubernatorial and house of assembly elections, for which he will be appropriately sanctioned for that ignoble and shameful act.

On a final note, the bunch of ignoramus, the citizen journalists who are in the business of yellow journalism in the State out of frustration and confusion and majorly for crumbs should know that the people of Ogun State are too politically inclined and sophisticated to fall for their lazy antics, while our administration can never be distracted by their shenanigans. We are without doubt a moving train.

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